Glycolic Peel #2 PLUS upper lip IPL!


So, as I was telling you last week, I've committed to this course of six glycolic peels at the dermatologist. (Read about Glycolic Peel #1)

The first one was brill. So many people commented on the clearness and glowingness of my skin.

Score, I thought. Imagine how good it's gonna look after SIX of the feckers.

But - oh no... I seem to have hit a bumpy spot in the road to enlightenment. Literally. I've broken out in three monster zits in the past week and to make matters worse I see another one emerging. And I hardly ever get even ONE spot!


Oh crap. I was warned my skin could feel a bit dry after the peels - but I didn't know this teenage spottiness could happen. Maybe it's just my skin clearing itself of congestion, I'm telling myself. I hope.

And to make matters worse I decided to get my upper lip lasered at the same time.

Might as well get all the suffering over at once. But not everyone agrees.

"Oh great" said the husband the other night. "I'm sleeping next to a spotty woman who's going to the doctor to get her tache removed. Just what I always dreamed of from marriage."

Listen, I'll keep you informed of my progress. Who says I don't suffer for

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