SS10: Trish McEvoy Demure Collection

trish mcevoy

We haven't seen much of Trish McEvoy round these here parts of late, but it's a line that I do like quite a bit, judging on the few bits I've had pass my way over the last few years. Her Makeup Planner System is great and I have a couple of the Filofax-alike pages in a quilted case that I very often take abroad with me to save on space.

I've got the low-down on some new products for spring today, though. The Demure collection will launch in the new year and contains some nice, netural bits and bobs. Two All over face colour compacts, €37.50, are designed to impart radiance and highlight the complexion. They're joined by a new addition to the eye base essentials line: Pink Demure, €22.50, brightens and illuminates the eye-area. It also works as a shadow primer - this is the boyo I'd like to check out, I reckon.

Lastly, there's Irresistible Pink lip gloss up at the top of the pic there, and it's €31.50.

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