Laura Whitmore celebrates 31st with celeb friends

Was there Zombies present? Of course there were zombies - otherwise what would be the point?!

Laura Whitmore turned 31 the other day, but it wasn't a raucous dinner with a few friends on the cards for her - nope, she opted for terrorising her friends courtesy of the undead in hot pursuit.

Eoghan McDermott posted a line up to his Instagram, and it was fairly impressive with Caroline Flack, Amanda Byram, her new husband Julian, and a rake load more among the apocalypse survivors.



As for the birthday girl herself, of course she posted a few snaps too...


A photo posted by thewhitmore (@thewhitmore) on

A photo posted by thewhitmore (@thewhitmore) on


If you're based in the UK and fancy scaring seven shades out of your guests at your birthday, the experience comes courtesy of Secret Cinema. According to VIP Magazine: "Secret Cinema allows fans to get the ultimate movie watching experience by allowing fans to watch classic movies in themed surroundings. They are currently creating the ultimate experience for 28 Days Later fans, hence why they’re all wearing scrubs!"

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