What Celebs REALLY Use: Part #1


We had a bit of a chat recently on the blog about celeb beauty product endorsements and most of you were firmly in the 'yeah, right' camp, refusing to believe that Andie MacDowell Revitalift's her wrinkles into submission or that Girls Aloud actually use Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. And when you put it like that, it does sound a bit ridiculous ...

Coinciding with that was Dita Von Teese's declaration on Twitter that she uses L'Oreal True Match foundation, but I had already been on the case, busily beavering away behind the scenes to prepare a feature for the Evening Herald on That Very Subject. During the course of my dangerous, top secret work, I unearthed a score (well, almost) of revelations as to what the 'slebs really slap on their faces, endorsement deal or no.

Here's the first part, and then more following in the course of this week. Lets kick it off!

Girls Aloud are in fact Prescriptives fans (as are Denise Van Outen, Louise Nurding and Emma Bunton), and the brand's Softlining Pencil is one of their go-tos for their signature, deep black smokey-eyed stage look.  Whether they wear their own lashes is an investigation for another day.

Million Dollar Baby star Hillary Swank might be the face of Guerlain's Insolence perfume but she looks to a rival for her maquillage, choosing YSL's fancy Touche Blush as her pop-of-pink product of choice, and lastly for this trio of star revelations, we have Pearl Lowe. Mum to celebutante model Daisy and wife of Supergrass' Danny Goffey, she's apparently a tad fond of Origins' new Dr Weil line, Night Health,  and particularly likes the Bedtime Spray, which you can spritz before sleep to promote calm and relaxation.

So, while we were sceptical about the L'Oreal endorsements, this sounds a bit more like it, doesn't it?

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