Magazine Awards 2012

Welcome to the Magazine Awards 2012

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So, what are these Magazine Awards all about?

Most people who love reading blogs grew up reading magazines and still do - us included - so who better to decide which magazines offer us the most relevant, inspiring and entertaining content? In order to get a true measure of what the online, savvy media consumer is rating (that's you by the way), we want to hear what you think. If you didn't like the whole hairy armed blogger shizz for example, now's your chance to turn it all around and give the magazines that you really love some, er, love.

(For more background read about how the Awards came into being and the - British Beauty Blogger collaboration).

Ok sounds good, what am I voting on?

There are six categories. We want to find out which magazines provide the best coverage in the areas of beauty and fashion. We'd also like you to decide who you think are the best weekly, monthly and Irish magazines. And then decide who you'd like to be voted the overall Best Magazine 2012. Don't worry if you don't see your favourite magazine in the lists - these are only suggestions - see How to Vote for more.

How to vote

Each poll has 10 options. Nine are suggested by us and if your favourite is among them just click and submit to vote. The tenth is blank - so if you don't like any of our suggestions you can go ahead and type in your own and it will be counted. You can vote once in each category. We encourage you to spread the word so that as many people as possible vote to make these Awards strong and valid. We know you can do it - we've racked up over 70,000 votes in our Beauty Awards and you're a force to be reckoned with when it comes to consumer power.

Now get your vote on!

The polls will close on the 26th February 2012 and we'll announce the winners a week or so later.

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