First BeautBox landing November 2018. Building your beauty collection should always be a pleasure. Now, it's an awesome experience. When you subscribe for the BeautBox, you are joining the Beaut Insiders. Every month, our editors will curate a bespoke collection of full and purse-sized products, delivered to you in a perfectly packaged collectable box.

So what to expect in the BeautBox? Well, our specialist team will only choose beauty gems that they would like to receive themselves. Useful, gorgeous, and coming highly recommended, the BeautBox is the beauty version of that delicious little taster before you commit to a full glass of wine.

Signing up is easy. Just select an option of one month, three months or a full year and await your first BeautBox arrival, packaged with love. Then, let's share our thoughts together on social media using out hashtag #BeautBox.

About Your Beautbox

A BeautBox is a service providing beauty products curated by our team of experts delivered straight to your doorstep.

Because we know you like to have choice, you can pick from three BeautBox subscription plans:

1 Month Subscription
€20 payment every month (includes P&P)

3 Month Subscription
€50 upfront payment every three months (includes P&P)

12 Month Subscription
€180 upfront payment annually (includes P&P)

If you choose a one month subscription plan, it will automatically renew unless you decide to cancel. If you choose to cancel, you must do so by emailing including your name, email address and postal address used to set up your account.

For all other subscriptions, you pay for the number of boxes you choose in advance. Your subscription will be renewed automatically. You can cancel your subscription of by emailing including your name, email address and postal address used to set up your account before the final month of your particular plan.

Orders that have already been processed cannot be cancelled. Please read the Terms and Conditions so you are fully aware of the BeautBox cancellation policy and charges.

When you get to the checkout, the full-price will include your subscription, postage, packaging and VAT. Don’t worry; there are no hidden fees!

To change to a different plan, you will have to first finish your current plan (or you can cancel your current plan – see how above.) Then, just log in to your account and choose your new subscription.

Baby, please don’t go! We’re sorry you want to cancel your subscription. Please contact including your name, email postal address you used when you subscribed and we will take care of you.

If the BeautBox (website / page) is down, you can be sure that we are on the case! But if the problem persists, please get in touch via

At the moment, BeautBox subscriptions are only available to residents of the Republic of Ireland. But watch this space for expansion; we want to share our BeautBox love with everyone!

Payment & Delivery

Payment is made to your account the first week of the month that the payment is due. If we are unable to charge your account, we will suspend delivery until your bank account is again active. Please note, this will not cancel your subscription.

If your account details change, please contact so we can update your subscription.

BeautBoxes will ordinarily be dispatched the third week of every month and you should get your BeautBox that week. Do please note, though, that shipping date is subject to change.

If you have any inquiries relating to your BeautBox delivery, please contact

Your package will be returned to the BeautBox depo if you have given the wrong address by mistake or if your BeautBox has been at a sorting office without collection.

If your BeautBox is returned to the depo, please let us know by contacting and we will try to rectify the issue as soon as we can.

We are so sorry if your BeautBox arrives damaged! Sometimes this happens if your BeautBox has had a rocky ride.

We want to sort this for you as soon as possible, so if this happens, please take a picture of the damage as soon as you can and send it to Then, we will sort out the problem as soon as we can.

Your BeautBox should arrive 3 working days after dispatch. If it hasn’t arrived when you expected, please check with your local post office / sorting office; it might be waiting for you there.

If there’s still no sign, please contact and we will investigate the matter as soon as we can.


Oh no! We are really sorry that something is damaged or missing from your box. Please contact us at if this happens and we’ll try to get this sorted for you as soon as we can.

Sometimes, if a product proves really popular, we might include it in another BeautBox, just because we think you’d like another. If you are unhappy with receiving the same product more than once, please contact

Because we feature different products every month, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that your BeautBox will suit your particular skin needs. Please carefully read the ingredients of a product before you use it, especially if you suffer from a known allergy against particular ingredients.

BeautBox Subscription

    €20 payment every month (includes P&P)
    €50 upfront payment every three months (includes P&P)
    €180 upfront payment annually (includes P&P)

Note: Upon expiry of your 1, 3 or 12 month subscription, the subscription will automatically renew for another fixed term of the same duration. You will be charged during the first week of the month, with your BeautBox arriving in the third week of the month. To clarify payment plan, for the 1 month subscription the outlined payment is charged each month, for 3 and 12 month subscriptions, the amount outlined is charged upfront at the start of the subscription period.

First BeautBox will be arrive to you in November 2018, first payment will place immediately upon initial subscription, subsequent payments will take place the first week of each subscription period.

Check our Terms and Conditions

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