8 Gifts For Your Dad This Father's Day For Under €50

Father's Day is just around the corner, so if you're in need of some inspiration and you've only got €50, you've come to the right place.

Whether your dad likes tech, enjoys a drop of whiskey or has a serious sense of style, we've got gift ideas that aren't socks and are guaranteed to win you some brownie points this weekend.

  • Google Chromecast (€39)

If you look deep into the soul of  a man, you will see an unstoppable desire to make everything in the world wireless, and to this day scientists still can't explain it. In fairness, it is the 21st century, and we really should be free of the shackles of wires by this stage anyway, so the Chromecast will allow your dad to finally show that funny YouTube video he's been talking about all week on the big screen, no more looking at his smartphone for ages.

The thumb-sized device plugs into the HDMI slot of your TV, and also works for any tablet, iPhone, Mac or whatever other device your dad has lying around. Soon you'll be looking at all the holiday snaps you can handle for hours on end, so you can thank us later for that.

  • Dad Book (€32.99)

Relive some of the happiest moments of your childhood or time spent with your dad by filling up this photo album with pictures of the whole family, something that he'll  come back to again and again. You could also get him a personalised iPhone cover with happy snaps all over it, if you think that's more his style.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Cologne (€59)

OK so we're cheating a little bit on the price here, but if you can get your hands on the extra €9, Yves Saint Laurent's La Nuit de l'Homme is well worth the extra expense. It's a perfect fragrance that will make a big change if your dad is more of a Brut or Old Spice kind of guy, and is masculine enough for him to admit that he likes it.

  • Howick Tie Slide (€20)

Sure, he probably already has a lot of ties, but the mark of a man who dresses well is the tie slide or clip, that will keep him looking sharp all day, no matter what he gets up to.


  • A Taste of Scotland Gift Set (€20)

A nice drop of scotch (and a bit of all-butter shortbread) will always be welcome on Father's Day, so this 20cl bottle of single malt, complete with a glass for serving in from Marks & Spencers, will hit the spot and won't break the bank either, setting you back just €20.

You can match them with the single malt whiskey truffles (€7.49) if you feel like pushing the boat out a bit more. Alternatively, go for a crate of beer with a few unique craft beers, each with their own distinctive flavour. It even comes in a proper wooden crate with a bottle opener, so that he can enjoy them straight away.

  • Kiehl's Gift Set

Kiehls' Facial Fuel is one of our favourite skincare ranges for men, and you can put together a gift set from their store in Dundrum or their concession in Arnotts. The facial scrub is great for getting all the grime and dirt off after a tough day, while the moisturiser or the face wash (or both) will make the perfect compliment in your dad's set up.

  • Vichy Homme Gift Set (€29.95)

Shaving can be a bit of a chore for guys at the best of times, but good quality shaving products make it that bit more pleasant. The Vichy Homme gift set contains everything you need to keep even the most sensitive skin happy during a shave.

  • Hot Towel Shave (€30)

Speaking of shaving, you could take the misery out of it entirely for your dad and get him a voucher for a proper professional who knows what their at. Barbiere on Camden Street will do the works (haircut and a shave) for €45 or just the shave for €30, and the owner, Enny, has a simple philosophy that he sticks to with his customers: when you sit in the chair, you're the king. That's worth the money in our book, and it's a great way for your dad to completely unwind and relax for a while. Also the coffee is great, which is a major bonus point too.


What's on your shopping list for Father's Day gifts? Or do you opt for more home made options? We'd love to hear what plans you have!

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