Adele's face upside down is upsetting...

So simple, yet so creepy. So needless, yet so essential. So many things and yet nothing at all... We'll stop there. This is the photo taking the Internet by storm of  late, and it's best viewed on a mobile device - otherwise you'll have to do what most people in the office have just done, and that's turn your head at a near impossible angle. Or you could just scroll down slightly for the upside downy version.

All they've done is switch her eyes and her lips upside down, but once you flip your phone, the results are rather unnerving. Just a heads up if you were ever toying with the idea of lashing a load of liquid eyeliner under your eye as opposed to across the lid.

Don't know about you, but I'm getting a real bang of the Patsy Kensits off her.


As for Nicki Minaj, why so sad?!

Via @turnyourphone

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