Ah Here, Leave It Out: NailsInc Launch Veg-Infused Nail Polish

Last week we spoke about how trainers were having a fashion moment, and this week it seems like the trendiest leafy green vegetable known to man - kale - is also having a moment of its own. Not only is it the go to superfood of the hipsters and the health conscious, kale has also found a home for itself on our nails. Yes, I said nails.

Apparently kale is very very good for strong and healthy nail, boosting your claws with much needed vitamin A and C, which stimulate keratin production.


Next we'll be told kale is the latest in the growing line of birth control options. It isn't. Please do not take that seriously; while kale has many benefits, it certainly can't help you there.

Created by NailsInc, with the very lovely Alexa Chung at the forefront of the campaign, Nailkale is the latest in 'must have' beauty treatments and the first of its kind to be shot through with this wondrous green veg.

alexa kale


Certainly, it's the trendy, done thing at the moment, and whether you're munching on kale chips, slapping it on your nails, or filling your bath tub full of the crinkly vegetable, there's no denying its health benefits.

And yes, we infuse nail polish with different extracts to boost nail health but this just seems far too gimmicky for me. It's like the words rhymed so they decided to go with it.


NailKale hits shelves August 2014.

We're all familiar with the likes of Sally Hansen's range of nail treatments, and we know that kale can contribute towards a clearer complexion, but would you be confident that something infused with kale would actually serve to strengthen your nails? Do you hear the word kale and say you simply HAVE to have it? Or do you think it's all a bit of a ridiculous fad?

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