AIEEEEE! Summer Foundation Face And Neck Mismatch Lead To Brigitte Nielson Effect

Oh the shame!  Despite not ever venturing out with out some class of sunscreen, the sneaky rays of the sun have infiltrated to the extent that my winter foundation is now far too pale.  I thought I was being uber careful to slather on enough suncream - but I obviously bloody wasn't.


To my extreme annoyance I was confronted with the unavoidable evidence the other morning.   I realised that I was rocking the signature Brigitte Nielson - foundation looking as white as paper and neck appearing many shades browner.

In frustration I threw down my foundation, rubbed it off and went on the hunt for a darker shade.  I used to have drops that I'd add to foundation when this happened to darken it - Maybelline and Clinique both do them (or did do them anyway) but sure of course I couldn't find them.


What to do?  Bronzer was only helping a bit and anyway I didn't want to have a big all over sparkly bronzer mush on me.  I found a little pot of Dream Matte Mousse in a shade so brown I couldn't understand why I had it in the first place.  But it worked!  And it was good (surprisingly good actually, coverage was great and the texture was nice and matte).

But it's annoying isn't it having to shell out for Summer and Winter foundations.  Possibly because we haven't had a summer in years this hasn't actually been a problem for a while and so I've been caught unawares.

Have you noticed this?  And how are you getting around it?

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