Aphrodite and Kirstie's Fabulous Lives!

Oh ladies, we've been living it up this weekend, hence the quietness on the blog. We're down at Muckross Park Hotel in lovely Killarney, where we've been sampling the delights of their fabulous Cloisters Spa. Now people, this is how to spa, and then some.

We've had a great weekend of treatments, jacuzzis and hot tubs - and a few too many c0cktails as well (for some reason this PC I'm using won't allow me to post the word c0ck!! ahaha!). One of the nicest things about the Cloisters Spa is not just the wonderful layout, facilities and decor, but the variety of treatments they offer. Lots of things are unique to them, and certainly new to us - we've had Lomi Massage, Ella Bache facials and these guys also do the renowned Dr Perricone cosmaceutical line and diet too.


We'll be blogging a lot more about the Cloisters over the next week or so, when we'll be going into more detail about all the treatments and experiences we've had this weekend.

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