Eye cream mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them

Last week, I dictated that you need to use eye cream, despite what best friend of my dreams Sarah Jessica Parker thinks. But are you applying it properly? Because if you're not there may not be a point in using one at all.

As we well know by now, the eye area is super delicate, so the first rule for applying eye cream is to be very gentle when you apply it.

One of the first mistakes people make is applying eye cream at the wrong stage of your skincare routine. You should always apply from lightest product to heaviest for maximum absorption. If your eye cream is lighter than your moisturiser, apply before. If it's heavier than your moisturiser, apply after.

Tap, don't rub

Use your ring finger - the muscles are weaker than in the other fingers so the risk of pulling the delicate area is reduced. You don't need to use a lot of product; three pea-sized drops is enough.

But where?

If you're only focusing on applying cream on your eyelids, you're not doing it right. In fact, you should avoid the eyelid altogether. The 'eye area' is:

  • The upper brow
  • The outer crow's feet
  • Under the eye

Apply your eye cream along the entire orbital bone, and also target the areas that are prone to ageing. Start from the brow bone (which can droop) and dab downward along the eye socket. Don't forget the outer-eye (where crows feet tend to develop); dab all the way to the hairline. Don't be afraid to tap along the top of the cheek.

If you have them, focus on undereye bags and dark circles.


Like any other face cream, some ingredients might not agree with you. However, hyaluronic acid works well for hydration, something the eye area often needs. Also, remember that a heavier cream does not equal a more powerful cream. Your skin absorbs what it needs, and you will just be left with excess cream if it's too heavy.



Sometimes, eye cream can travel up during the night, irritating the eye. It can also cause puffiness because the delicate skin can retain the product. You can skip eye cream at night for this area, and only use in the morning.

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