Are pimples the new hot trend in fashion?

We are all for embracing what you've got, being comfortable in your own skin and not giving an F about what people think about the beautiful face the Gods (or whatever) gave you, but would you stop treating your spots just because the cool kids are flaunting theirs?

Designer Moto Guo showed his newest collection at this season's Milan Men's Fashion Week and sent his models down the catwalk with faces you might remember from your teenage disco days. They strutted around with the no makeup look gone to extremes, zits and spots all over the shop.

It's unclear whether or not the pimples were drawn on or if the models were just let free to let their hard working faces breathe for a bit.



Anything that makes anyone else feel less self-conscience is a good thing, of course, but don't ditch your skincare routine just yet; this is a trend we think will only last for the duration of Fashion Week.

And on a final note, had you ever heard of Moto Guo until this moment?

Via The Cut

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