Ashley Benson's Outfit Gets Both Best and Worst Look of the Week

Irish people don't complain enough. I mean, we complain amongst ourselves 'that panini was stone cold in the middle, STONE COLD' / 'I asked her for a trim not a scelping' / 'if I'd wanted my nails painted like that, sure I'd have asked the young fella to do it'.

If someone gives you a service that you've handed over good money for and it's obvious that an absolute chancer was at work (or not actually at work as the case may be) then we need to speak up and demand our money back. And I hope this took place after the Pixels premiere.

Ashley Benson is a beautiful woman but I suspect her stylist had a vendetta not seen since the Cold War.


I feel like reenacting that Chris Crocker video and shouting 'Leave Ashley ALONE'.

The creased fabric, the weird bosom napkin and the matchy matchy clutch that belongs to a 1997 bridesmaid - lookit, Ashley deserves more and moreover, she deserves her money back.


The chest detailing (ditto for footwear) might work on a longer length, less structured dress but I'm taking sartorial offence on Ashley's behalf here.

This is worse than Tuesday morning's burnt-coffee-beans-in-my-cappuccino debacle. And I gave that barista a piece of my mind (but only like IN my mind).


But never fear, Ashley, all is not lost. Nakpin boob aside, I love this make up. It's fresh, feminine, summery and exactly how to wear the shade of the season without looking like you have pink eye.


Dewy skin, neutral lips, eyebrows brushed to within an inch of their furry lives - the make up artist deserves a tip. And that's how you do a ponytail fit for the red carpet - volume at the crown, slick and with a perfect parting. Send that hairdresser a thank you card.

Also deserving of a nod from the red carpet is Michelle Monaghan - this is my ultimate, relaxed red carpet hair. But the outfit loses a few points from the front - the leather cut isn't flattering on her frame.


And I'm also going to include this picture of Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega because it made me laugh. The little yellow divil.




You can check out all the pics from the red carpet below. Whose style is getting your ten points and whose stylist needs to rethink their ideas? And would you complain about that panini?

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