Ask and you shall receive: don't spare your blushes

Clinique_City_Block__68976.jpgI've had two emails from guys lately about what sounds like a similar problem. One says "my nose is always red, like a whiskey nose, and I've tried loads to reduce it and to cover it up but nothing seems to work".

The second guy says he is very fair skinned and his face just seems to be red all the time. He's tried products with an SPF and tries to look after his skin.

Both fellas have tried out different products to try and calm the problem down, which is a good start, but I think maybe they were just the wrong sort. If you use products that are too harsh or that perhaps you are allergic to, they can further irritate your skin and make the problem worse.
So I have three suggestions.

Natural and organic ranges offer a good place to start with trying to calm and sooth skin. LoveLula has a wide range of soothing organic treatments as well as really good advice on all sorts of skin problems. Try the calming and comforting products from the Harley Street, Weleda or Mother Earth ranges.


Clinique do a really good high factor sunblock for the face - Super City Block. Hypo allergenic and ever so slightly tinted it will keep the sunlight from irritating your face. Lash it on religiously every day. It's also worth asking for advice at the Clinique counter - the staff are experts and will be able to offer useful advice.

But if neither of these suggestions work you should get yourself down to the doc and get it checked out. Don't feel silly about it - that's what doctors are there for! Now obviously I'm no expert, but I think it's worth considering in the meantime that there is a possibility for both of you that it *might* be mild rosacea - a skin complaint that can be treated by a doctor/dermatologist.

And finally, the website offers this wise advice on facial redness and blushing: "It is worth remembering that your skin is sure to look much worse to you than to anyone else. This is because we are the severest critics of our own faces."Â Aint that the truth. But good luck guys and do let me know how you get on.

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