Ask Beaut: How to rescue over-plucked eyebrows

Every Monday here on I’ve been answering our readers’ questions on your beauty dilemmas, troubles and concerns. So far, we’ve given tips on how to cover pigmentation, we’ve delivered the facts on facial serum, and told you how to disguise dark circles like a pro among other things, but we know that there are loads more questions that you feel need answering. So go on, ask!

This week I answer a question that is very close to my heart. A question that I'm asked at least five times per week as I own a studio where we specialise in helping people get the perfect shape brow for their face shape.

For me, eyebrows are possibly the most important "changeable" feature on your face. They give you the power to make the best out of what you have, which in turn will make you better looking. I know how strong the statement I just made is, and I stand behind my words wholeheartedly.

Let me explain the psychology behind it. Humans are attracted to symmetry. Take celebrities, for example; we look at them and idolise them because of their beauty and their beauty is, for the most part, down to symmetry. If we were to take a line and draw it down the centre of a celebrity's face, one side would be almost a mirror image of the other. That is precisely why, when our eyebrows perfectly symmetrical, we are indirectly making ourselves better looking.

But what can be done when you have over-plucked for years? Well, the first thing you need to understand is that the hair follicle is under the skin. When it is over-plucked for a long period of time, you are telling the follicle to stop producing hair because you are constantly removing it. The follicle, therefore, gets lazy and stops producing hair.

But there's good news; in most cases, the follicle doesn't die. It is still under your skin, just lying dormant. In order for your hair to grow back, you might just need to stimulate the follicle.

The best way to do this is to hold a hot face cloth over your brow area - this will open your pores - and to massage a growth product into them twice per day, morning and evening.

The two I have seen massive results with are:

  • Regaine


  • Doterra Rosemary Oil 



You can use castor oil also, but it can be a bit sticky for daytime use. The key with any of the product is persistence. Hair grows in cycles, so in order for your growth product to work it needs to be used consistently for up to six weeks before you see any results. The hot facecloth will help the product penetrate the first layer of the skin and get right into the hair follicle. Because we don't know what stage our hair cycle is at, consistency is so important as we have to catch it at the first stage of our three-part cycle for it to work.

All very scientific, but the main thing to take note of is hot facecloth, massage either product in twice a day, and be consistent for at least six weeks.

Hope that helps, let me know how you're getting on.

If you have any secret brow growth remedies we would love to hear them, just let us know in the comments.


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