Ask & You Shall Receive - What's a Good Mascara?

chanel inimitible mascaraReader Marie has asked us to "recommend a good mascara please - one with no clumps, clogs or smudging".

I think I have it, Marie. I've said before that mascara is that complete holy grail item for women - we just keep on searching and searching, chasing those elusive perfect lashes. Periodically that search ends for me (until some fab new innovation gets dreamt up) and it's ended this time with Chanel's Inimitible mascara. The marketing gubbins states a lot of fluff about multi-dimensional this, innovative technical processes that and soft elastomer bristles the other bla de bla, but what you want to know is this - is it any good?

YES! It's deadly. It'd want to be and all, cos it'll set you back almost €30. It goes on like a dream, starts building and coating immediately and doesn't do that drives-me-insane sticks-lashes-together-from-the-get-go thing. After a few hours wear it doesn't migrate down your face either, which a lot of mascaras are wont to do. I often think I look only gorgeous, only to catch sight of myself, complete with little flecks of black dotting my cheeks. Nice.


The one I fell for hard before this was Estee Lauder's Illusionist mascara, and the time before that it was Clinique's Lash Doubling product that captured my fickle heart. I'd still recommend either of those to you as well, but I personally only have eyes for Chanel - until of course, something better comes along!

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