Investigates: What Was Mairead Farrell Wearing on Her Nails on Last Night's Late Late?

mairead farrell rimmel lycra pro nails

The biggest question arising from last night's Late Late Eurosong special was not, in fact, anything to do with possible splinters in Niamh's ass from all that fence sitting she was doing, who Linda Martin has paid off to be involved in the frigging thing every year, how Ryan kept a straight face and why we had to go through the charade when we were only going to send Jedward anyway ...

No. No, the biggest question arising from the event was actually to do with the polish Mairead Farrell was wearing on her nails. We've had comments, we've had tweets. And we can exclusively reveal, that via the method of hard investigative journalism, skill and expertise (er, we Tweeted her, she's on @cocomairead), we can now reveal that it was in fact Rimmel's Lycra Pro in Beige Babe.


Missis. We are impressed with your savvy ways and stylin' fingers. Psst: Mairead also dished on the outfit deets. The dress was from Coast and the shoes were Buffalo, bought in Arnotts ages ago, she says. (And we're sorry about the grab above, it was the best we could manage!)

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