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It's Friday! More linkywinks of womanly interest approaching! are coming over all philanthropic. They're on a mission to engage with you lot, the lasses who buy their products, and they want to know what's your definition of beauty. You can upload pictures of yourself, or in fact of anything you think meets the criteria. Submissions are moderated though, so uploading a picture of a mickey with the caption 'tee hee hee' , probably won't make it online. Awww.

We heard about a new wedding service recently, and it's specially for you lasses in Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford. is now live, so if you're from that area, and planning on getting the auld ball and chain, check it out.


Yoga freaks, check out, a new website dedicated to all the best in yoga and pilates. (am I the only person wo is disappointed it's not pronounced 'pile-ates'? Yes? Oh.) This pretty site sells all sorts of gear, and there're some nice spa and beauty tips on there too.

Lastly, reader Michelle told us about a place called, a leading supplier of professional brushes to the beauty industry. Oooh! And it's CHEAP AS too. That's what we like to see!

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