's colonic adventures continue: maintaining that Absolute Balance

absolute balanceLast week Gio gave us the inside story (pun fully intended) on her colonic hydrotherapy treatment at the wonderful Absolute Balance Clinic. Today she comes to the end of her story and tells us us all about the advice her therapist Nigel gave her on continuing the good work she started with the treatment.

"Nigel gave me a detailed analysis of what I should be avoiding, what I should be doing and how I can generally improve the state of my insides.

At the moment, I am a bit overweight. No matter what diet I have ever tried (and believe me, I have tried them all!), I still retain my pot belly. I think of myself as resembling the capital letter B, my ‘top’ tummy isn’t too bad, but just below my belly button, there is a roll of fat there that I just can never seem to shift. Nigel told me that I wasn’t as overweight as I thought, that my belly would be gone in a month or so if I cut out the bread, spuds and pasta, stopped eating late at night and exercised regularly. Not rocket science I know but it did make sense to me.

He thinks I have an intolerance to wheat. I've long suspected this, but have conveniently put it to the back of my mind, as I love my bread and pasta.There are so many easy little tips that I could adopt into my usual routine:

  • eating soups or stews as an evening meal (easily digested if eating late),
  • not eating salads or fruit late at night (too hard to digest),
  • (and this is my favourite!) choosing an old red wine (maybe ten or fifteen years old) over a newer or a white wine as they are less acidic. Done!
  • My beloved coffee, bread, cheeses (all those things which act like a mucus inside your system and just swell up and stick to you innards) – gone!
  • I had porridge this morning and mixed it with some linseeds. If you soak overnight, it’s even easier to digest.
  • I'm drinking between two and three litres of water a day (sipped regularly throughout the day, not gulped down which not only goes straight through you but also puts pressure on your kidneys).
  • In addition to getting more water, I needed to get more oil in my diet. Nigel has recommended flaxseed (oil to be taken in the mornings) and linseeds – mixed with food.

I know myself that I am just not disciplined enough to follow any kind of strict regime, I just don’t have the willpower! But I can make small, easy changes (like cutting out coffee, decreasing alcohol intake and eating earlier in the day) and to be honest, having the consultation and the colonic treatment has really spurred me on to follow through with these changes


It’s recommended that you have at least two to three colonics within the first month to six weeks of your first treatment. After that your therapist can recommend whether you need any more. If you just want to do it once in a while, when you think that your system needs it, you can do that instead. Apparently there is one client at the clinic who is a very healthy person, works as a yoga instructor and follows a veggie diet, but has a colonic at the end of every season (so four times a year) as a kind of ‘spring clean’ and a way to let body re-balance itself. This sounds really good to me. I am going to make an appointment for a second colonic within the next two weeks and depending on how that ones goes I may or may not go for a third.

I do feel lighter (I instantly lost three pounds!), less bloated and most importantly, I feel really inspired to make some small but significant changes in how I look after myself!"

Well, what do you think of that? Sounds like pretty good advice doesn't it? If you'd like to make an appointment to have this treatment yourself, contact the Absolute Balance Clinic or visit their website for more information on their range of treatments.

Lastly would like to thank Nigel and all at Absolute Balance for their wonderful work!

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