How to become an expert life juggler the Tara Anderson way

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The word influencer could have been invented for Tara Anderson, but only in the best sense of the term. The makeup artist, social media personality, and working mum is a hero to her thousands of followers. But how can a woman who has it all do it all? Well, Tara is a bona fide dynamo when it comes to her career, but her priority is her family, and part of her working schedule is balancing it all.

A woman with a life like Tara’s didn’t achieve it by accident. Determination, ambition and a genuinely sparkling personality and love for what she does - and for who she does it for - is the reason Tara is one of the most recognisable faces on the Irish beauty scene. But despite her dream career, which sees her travel all over the country, her husband Daniel and her baby son Gene take precedence over everything else.

There’s something extremely refreshing about a social media personality who actively abandons the screen for a good period of time every day. She takes time out to walk with Gene to her mother’s house where the extremely close mum and daughter do the simplest of wellness exercises; they enjoy each other’s company. Tara and Daniel always make time for a date night, too, and she reserves space at the end of the day for essential down-time.

Yes, she is a successful, busy working mum, but also a mother, wife, daughter, like so many other women in Ireland. We sat down with Tara and discovered how making decisions that positively impact her life helps her maintain an engaged and active working life and a settled family environment while treating herself, too. When Tara chooses not to drink, she enjoys a Heineken 0.0, so she doesn't have to compromise on taste or experience. Tara makes it work by making active choices that improve her work-life balance, and she proves that anyone can do it, too.

Tara, you really have the dream job! Your exciting career choice must mean it’s all go. But do you find it difficult being away from your family?

My career takes me all over the country. As much as I love it, it can be tough to be away from my family. But I love what I do,
and I try to maintain a balanced lifestyle as much as possible.

Could you tell us how make-up became your passion in the first place?

Make-up has been my passion from a young age. I suffered with my skin in my late teens and took a huge interest in make-up then as it was my security blanket. I then started working on make-up counters before making the choice to go freelance. My favourite part of my job is when my clients look in the mirror for the first time. Nothing beats that feeling of pride for me. It's a very satisfying job.

You get to go on stage around the country with your job. So lucky! Tell us all about that.

One of my favourite things about my job is getting to go on stage. Of course, I get some nervous butterflies beforehand, but generally, the excitement starts to override any nerves. Being on stage in front of people who follow me and know who I am feels surreal at times. I feel beyond lucky to be able to have a platform where I can connect with people around the country and interact with them.

Talk to us about how your large online following. How did it all start? And how does it impact your life?

I worked as a model for a number of years, which I suppose gave me a bit of a platform. When I started documenting my make-up more, I noticed my followers grew. I don’t hold back in sharing moments from my personal life, which I think makes people enjoy following me. Sometimes it can be strange when people recognise me in person. But overall, I have a really positive experience online, and I have amazing followers.

Do you ever feel pressure turning your lifestyle into a career and having to live in the public eye? Would you ever change any of your choices so far?

Obviously, there is a certain amount of pressure as well when turning your lifestyle into a career and living in the public eye. But I wouldn’t change any of my choices so far, and I truly believe that you can have it all when you remain grounded and make positive choices which are right for you.

How does the career you chose complement your role as a mother?

My family come first, and Gene is my priority no matter what, but I do feel extremely privileged that I can work a very flexible career. Like every parent, I am always striving to get the perfect balance between work and home life.

Could you tell us about your family? When did you have Gene?

I love my life at home with my husband Daniel and our baby Gene. Gene came into our lives seven months ago, and he’s completed out little family. My heart bursts with pride every day!

I go out for a daily walk with Gene. It’s important for me to take a break from screens and being online. I find getting outdoors really helps me to clear my head and switch off. We love our little strolls in the park. It’s great to spend one-on-one time with Gene and get some fresh air.

We also live really close to my mum, which is amazing. I love having my family living so close to me.

Do you look up to your mum?

I would say my mum is who I look up to most. She is such a strong woman who has always been such a positive influence on my life. The family values that she has instilled in me have influenced me as a parent to Gene.

My mum always put her family first. She is supportive of my career choices and is always here if I need advice.

When and how did you and Daniel meet?

I met Daniel seven years ago, and you could say the stars were aligned. We met in Whelan’s, and I suppose we haven’t looked back. Daniel is extremely supportive of my career and is always pushing to me to excel in everything I do.

It must be hard to juggle a new baby and a career. Does choosing to go out for a date night occasionally with Daniel help you to

Daniel and I know how important it is to make some time for just the two of us. We need a break and some time away just to re-connect as a couple. I choose not to drink when I have a lot on with work or Gene, but it doesn’t stop me from having fun. I think that there is nothing better than a good laugh and quality time to clear your head. Also not drinking allows me to enjoy date night without worrying about a hangover the next day. I recently discovered Heineken® 0.0% and it has since become my go-to non-alcoholic beer.

Do you think the choices you have made until now allow you to do what you do? Do you ever pay attention to what others are doing?

I truly believe that the positive choices I have made up to his point have allowed me to do what I do for a living. I don’t worry about what other people around me are doing, I just concentrate on myself and keep focused on my own goals and never compromise on them.

How do you relax after a long day?

While I do love being on stage, I love nothing more than coming back home to my family and getting to unwind afterwards. I like to close the door and leave the world behind.

Daniel and I love to relax on the couch and watch movies. We treat ourselves to some nice food and drinks. For me, choosing to spend quality time and creating memories with the people I am closest to is what life is all about.