Beyoncé Goes Bang: Twitter is Trying Really Hard to be Nice About Bey's New Dr Spock-Inspired Do

"Bang Bang, they shot you down..." and other such tenuous "bang" related lyrics - because THAT's what BANG means. How in the name of Jaysis does "bang" mean a "fringe"? Of all the different monikers that the Americans have devised to set them apart from the rest of the English speaking world, this is the most bizarre.

Anyway, Twitter at large is not a fan of Beyonce's new do and they are struggling to be nice about it. Personally, we think she can carry off just about any hairstyle, but we're just not sure why she'd opt for this, particularly from a logistical point of view. Speaking as someone who's sported the 'Lloyd Christmas' fringe in the past, it's a bee-atch to straighten without singeing the hell out of your forehead while simultaneously burning your fingers.

That aside, here are just some of the choice tweets doing the rounds this morning.

bey3 bey7
And my favourite so far...



And we can't but help be reminded of someone else….


So what do you think? Was this a terrible mishap with a pair of blunt scissors, a beautiful tribute to Dr Spock or bang-on (geddit) trend?

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