Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads

I bought an epilator with my Boots Advantage Card points. I'd been dying to get one for ages, slightly worried that it would hurt - but it honestly doesn't. If you're the kind of person who hates waxing you won't like the epilator. Wimps. But if waxing doesn't bother you then you won't have any bother with this.

I'll fill you in on another post on the best method I found for whipping every single hair out by the roots! But in the meantime I've encountered a more disturbing problem...

Ingrown hairs. Waxing or shaving, no other method of depilation has ever caused these, these, ugh unsightly ingrown hair bumps and lumps all up my legs. I've been salt scrubbing like a lunatic, moisturising lavishly ... and even tweezing to get them out. Perhaps epilation is more suitable for those of you with a light golden down growing on your legs. But if you have an abundance of lush growth rivalling the bleedin black forest, like me, it seems to be more difficult.


Undeterred, and encouraged by Principessa's saintly offer of a share in her StrawberryNET 25% discount code (thank you Principessa!), I went ahead and ordered these Bliss Ingrown Hair Pads - fingers crossed that they work! I'll be updating you with tales of my silky soft legs as soon as possible. I hope.

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