Botox at the Adare Clinic

With my wedding fast approaching, I still am on a quest to ensure I can do all I can do to achieve perfection on the day. 

As a makeup artist and beauty editor, the pressure is on to look my best. With 6 months to go, I decided to try out botox as I had some concerns about the lines on my forehead and eyes. I have a very expressive face, and along with that comes premature ageing.

I knew it was a temporary solution so should anything go wrong it will have gone back to usual by September. If I liked it, I could get a tiny top up before the big day.

Each and everyone is different, so it's important to make sure you are making the right decision for you either way.




The next thing to be highly aware of is that you choose the right medical professional to go to. I decided to go to the Dr.Lena in the Adare Clinic. When it comes to your face price should not be an issue. There are many people doing cheap Botox deals which leads me to think they are either using a poor product or are poorly trained. But having seen many botch jobs and droopy eyes over the years, choosing the right person is by far the most important part of this whole process.

Dr. Lena was most assuring and professional. I was slightly nervous but she put my mind at ease. She let me know it was better to give too little than too much. That way if I needed more I could come back in 10 days to adjust.

The whole process took about 10 mins. There was no pain at all, just a tiny pin-prick that I hardly felt. The botox takes about 10 days to work fully. In that time I had a slight pull on one side of my face but it was so tiny I was the only one who noticed. After 10 days I went back in to have it adjusted.

Pricing varies from person to person, for example, what I had done would normally be in the region of €350, as it involved two areas of the forehead.

All in all, I highly recommend it. I look at least 5 years younger and a lot less tired. You can buy all the anti ageing creams in the world and you still wouldn't get the results you get from Botox.

I for one am a convert.


Have you ever had Botox? Or are you more of a naturalist?

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