Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation and Concealer

bourjois bio detox

You're always asking us for foundations for oily skin types and we brought you the gen on one recently: Stila's One Step is perfect for anyone who finds makeup slides into oblivion in two seconds flat and Clarins' Everlasting Foundation's a recent launch that's a great bet too.

Hard to satisfy problem skin on a budget though, isn't it?

That might be about to change: Bourjois has just launched Bio Detox Organic Foundation, €17.99, and Concealer, €11.99. If this line of Ecocert certified foundations perform for the sebum-prone the way the lovely Healthy Mix does for normal-to-dry types, then these'll be very good indeed.

98.8% of the ingredients are of natural origin with 21.9% coming from from organic farming and products contain mineral pigments, chlorophyll and plant-derived waters - so the message here is pure and natural. Just what the blemish-prone are after, really, eh? Shades are good - Bourjois is one of the few brands to cater to pale types - with 11 available and the finish is matte.


bourjois bio detox organic concealer

There's also a concealer in the range which has the Ecocert stamp as well, comes in two shades and has an anti-puffiness action. How does it do that then?

bourjois bio detox organic foundation

Aha! Look at this clever little feller - the concealer has roller-ball top which you can use to massage on the product - a bit like Garnier's eye roll-on doofers - and this dispenses the product across the eye area. You can squeeze the tube and dab on with your pinkie or a brush either, if you prefer. As a liquid concealer, this seems to be decent based on the swatch - well-pigmented, it's not too thick and not too runny as to be completely useless for coverage.

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