This bridal makeup look will make you right on trend this spring

If you’re getting married this spring it’s time to start thinking about your bridal makeup look. Your makeup will be in your photos forever so it’s kinda important.

It’s best to have a wedding makeup trial. You should have an idea of what kind of bridal makeup look you would like on your wedding day. If you go to a makeup artist and say ‘do whatever you think is best’ you may end up with a look you hate and not really know why. There is some simple groundwork you can do before your trial to be prepared. Ask yourself a few questions about how you feel about makeup. Are you adventurous? Do you like to wear a lot of makeup or very little? Do you love a certain style of makeup on you?

If you are a fussy person or you are set in your ways, you should probably stick with what you know. Wear a look that you are comfortable with and you know you love. However, if you love makeup and you wear it lots of different ways, you might be the type of bride who can go with what’s on trend.

Is trend makeup for you?

One of the nicest and easiest ways to wear this season's trends is the bold lip. A little different from classic bridal makeup, it's a beautiful, fresh, English rose sort of makeup that would suit everybody. The look calls for perfect skin and then a warm, bold lipstick tone on the lips. The look was seen at various shows at New York bridal week.

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If you are the type to wear a bold lip on occasion, you might just love it in your pictures. A bold lip gives great structure and definition to your face in pictures so it photographs really well. You don't have to go red red; you could just go for a berry tone deeper than your natural lip colour.


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If you think a strong colour on your lips could be for you, why not try it out at your trial. That is the point of having one after all. You can always change it to a more neutral shade later on. Take pictures of both looks and muse over the decision for a while before the big day.


Are you getting married this spring? Is a bold lip an option for you?

Cover photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

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