Burning Questions: What's the Difference Between a Grandma and a Glam-ma?

Oh L'Oreal, how you treat us, spoiling (despoiling?) us with lash inserts, the god-frigging-awful Davina McCall (that "mmmmaall my greys MUhhhhhHHmm" simper drives me around the bend and beyond) and of course, Andie "is. it. rainingIhadden. Noddiceddd" McDowell are just two of their oddly unappealing celebrity faces who unanimously make me never want to buy any of their products because I find them both really irritating.

"Becosh ziyIam worsh it," purrs Penelope Cruz, giving a Spanish twist to their iconic mantra, but Jane Fonda's just won the prize for most bonkers - not to mention desperately attention-seeking - slogan in the L'Oreal stable. The 70-plus Fonda looks amazing for her age, it's totally true (whether that's entirely up to L'Oreal Paris Pro-Calcium is another matter altogether) and apparently some bright spark in the marketing department decided to cack-handedly hammer that particular point home.

To wit; Fonda is no longer a grandma, girls. No, now she's a ... wait for it ... glam-ma.




Oh very good L'Oreal. Or, actually, no sorry. Sorry.  It's completely pants. Glam-ma?

Which crazed-on-crack ad-exec approved that, and what do you lot think?

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