Carmen Heated Eyelash Curlers

carmenWe had a heated debate (I kill me!) a few months ago on the pros and cons of heated eyelash curlers. We were all a bit confused about the whys and wherefores and no one was sure if you used them before or after mascara.

Well, I remained curious, so I picked up a Carmen C8EYE model over Christmas as it was reduced in Boots. It's a standard shape - a lot of heated models look like wands, and it's powered by 2 AA batteries which were supplied with it.

To use, you allow it to heat up for about a minute, and then you get busy. And by the way - you do this before you apply mascara! The first time I tried it I was standing in the bathroom in front of a large mirror and I found the results to be, frankly, crap.

But I persisted, and decided to try it again with a small hand held mirror. MUCH better! It's far easier to get the wand up as close as possible to your eyelid and you have more control. Plus there's a handy little light built in which allows you a close aim. You need to press pretty firmly for about 30-40 seconds (depending on the thickness of your lashes!) and this gives you a nice, natural looking curl. It's not spectacular, but it definitely works.


Because it's a bit of a palaver - heating it up, messing about getting it in the right place and all that jazz, it's not something I'm going to use every day. And as I have fairly abundant lashes and big eyes anyway, I think you might notice more spectacular results if yours are a bit on the sparse side or you've smaller eyes. But for nights out and special occasions, yep, I'll use it again for sure.

Mine cost me about €14 - this model usually retails for about €20, and you should be able to get one in Boots or department stores.

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