Celebrate Scar-Jo's Birthday with a Look at her Style File

You know when you develop a somewhat irrational like or dislike of a celebrity and you feel exceedingly strongly about it? You know how it goes; it's completely illogical. This is someone that you've never met or know nothing about and yet you have deep set feelings about them. And that can range from wanting to pull your own face off to wanting to them to take over the world.

And I have a clear opinion on Scarlett (yes, I am fully aware she could care not an iota what I think but that doesn't stop me thinking it). I think she and I would be best mates if we met in real life. We'd go on cool adventures, talk about our joint ex Ryan Reynolds (the entire scenario is in my head so I'll embellish as I see fit, thank you) and she'd let me share all her clothes. And I'd fit in them.

Mind you, I also have similar feelings about Marty Morrissey. We would totally have The Bants and share packets of Snax (but he wouldn't let me share his dapper little jackets).


Whether Scarlett opts for a tailored suit or softer, summer vibe, she always manages to nail it.



She's a style chameleon, seamlessly shifting from one look to another without ever looking that the style is wearing her as opposed to the other way round.


And when she amps it up to full on Hollywood glamour, no one can do it better. Well, except for Marty Morrissey. But I have to say that, he's my best mate.

We've put together a gallery of our favourite Scar-Jo looks below. Do you have a favourite? And do you suffer from the same 'I know you' delusions that I do?

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