Classic Make-up and Beauty Book - Mary Quant

mary quantMary Quant and the miniskirt are synonymous with each other. It's not definite that she invented it, but she certainly popularised it. She was at the fashion forefront in the 60's, selling her wares from her shop on London's famous Kings Road, and her clothes were the clothes to be seen in.

As her career progressed she became more famous for her makeup though, and while it's difficult to get hold of it now (though apparently it's still popular in Japan, and of course eBay will always oblige) I had some eyeshadows in her trademark daisy shaped packaging when I was a teenager. Her makeup is characterised by bright, bold colours and a very 60's style application, which is of course all the rage again. Biba is back, and I think it's high time for a Mary Quant revival!


So, if you want to explore her tips for making yourself look beautiful - and she was a seriously stylish lady in her youth, you could do worse than get your hands on her Classic Make-up and Beauty Book. You can get it from Play for a very purse friendly €11.49 including delivery.

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