Crestwhitestripsireland - still ripping us off

WhiteStips.jpgAh my old friends Crestwhitestripsireland. "Welcome to the only place to get Whitestrips delivered to your door in Ireland."

1. That's a lie. Loads of places ship Whitestrips direct to Ireland.
(Hmmm is this not false advertising? Could you possibly come under the notice of Advertising Standards I wonder...)

2. Your prices are unbelievable. More than twice the rate other sites charge.

3. Since writing about you before I've noticed that the Whitestrips you sell are the crap ones. The ones that are even cheaper. It's the Premiums that are the good ones.


You can change your name all you like - that's no good boys. You're still stinking ripoffs no matter what name you call yourselves. And every time you update your site and call yourselves by a different name I'll blog about you again. And just guess who'll appear at the top of the search results? Clue: it won't be you.

I buy mine from and now here's another great place to buy. Shiseidoqueen left a comment at the end of Wednesday's blather, but alas it was the last one of the day, so I bet hardly anyone saw it. So here it is now.
"I buy mine online from Started buying them almost a year ago and they often have offers of 2 for 1. I’ve often gotten gifts in my package (don’t you just love that!) of maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste (ok maybe not soooo exciting but hey some of us live in the sticks so we get what pleasure we can!). I buy the Supreme stripes and they always arrive within 10 days from the US."

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