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You know at that we're passionate about customer service. Well here's a tale that will warm you to your boots. When I wrote about my experiences with Crystal Clear the new luxury salon skincare range, the other day, Dollymix emailed them to find out if there was a salon near her.

She mentioned that she wanted her skin to look it's best for her upcoming wedding. The MD of Crystal Clear, no less, emailed her back.

"I got an email back from Crystal Clear just now, in reply to one I sent yesterday enquiring about salons. They recommended Bodyclinic on Wicklow St. The lovely people also said that if I send them a pic of me on my wedding day after getting some Crystal Clear treatments done, they’ll send me a free basket of skincare! I love them already!"

Jules had this to say about Crystal Clear:


"I’ve had five Crystal Clear treatments and I’m having my sixth next week. My skin was looking really dull and grey after Christmas and I knew it was time to take action. The results of the microdermabrasion weren’t noticable straight away and two days after the first session my skin got really spotty, which was disheartening, but I kept going and after the third treatment I really noticed the results. My skin is clearer and brighter than it ever has been before.

"And there’s kind of a glow, that even other people notice.

"I had a few small acne scars along my jawline that have all but disappeared and fine lines are less noticable. The treatments do leave your skin extremely sensitised and it’s important to wear a high SPF straight after. I was also told not to wear make-up for 24 hours after, which is a pain but after the first couple of treatments my skin looked so well that I didn’t even need to!"
If you'd like to read more about this range and find out where to get a treatment done yourself then check out . And our competition for a Crystal Clear salon facial is coming up soon, so watch out for that!

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