Dior Plasticity Anti-Cellulite Corrective Gel

While I'm an endless sucker for pretty shadow shades, the latest mascara and ever fancier glosses, I'm always suspicious of creams that claim to work miracles, because I just can't see how they can do all the things they claim to. And of course, we all know the inherent irony - a large part of the beauty industry is involved with simultaneously making us feel good about ourselves, and also crap about ourselves. Well, it sells products! No one expects an eyeshadow to live up to any particular claim except for adding colour (and longevity if you're lucky), but the heavy investment a lot of us make in miracle creams is definitely a bit more fraught.

There are a slew of anti-cellulite creams, lotions and oils on the market, from Nivea and L'Oreal products down the at cheaper end of the market, right up to Sisley and Dermalglow at the top end. I'm of the opinion that a large part of any anti-cellulite cream's benefits are always down to the fact you have to dry brush skin and massage in the lotion or cream twice a day. That on its own will help improve your skin tone and texture, regardless of any miracle ingredients the cream claims to include.

dior plasticity

But we all do need a bit of help every now and then, especially if you've a holiday or special occasion coming up, and by all accounts, Dior Plasticity Anti-Cellulite Correctlve Gel will actually immediately tighten up the skin. Whether that effect is permanent or just temporary, as their claim that it "gives an instant optical effect", makes me think it might be more on the auld temporary side. But they do say that it "delivers intense smoothing effect in 8 days, visibly hips are refined & cellulite is smoothed. Effectively makes your body line slimmer". Hmm! Perhaps it does work after all?


Apparently Jennifer Lopez is a fan, and god knows she's got an ass most of us would covet! If you're keen, get it for a few quid off (it's €38 on the site, nearer €50 in shops) from the ever fabulous Strawberrynet, and don't forget to tell us your anti-cellulite faves in a comment.

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