The holy grail of beauty do's and don'ts before your wedding day

Are you planning your big walk down the aisle this year? You kind of need to start your beauty regimen early. So, here are our do's and don'ts before I do.

There are so many things you might want to do as a bride to be. The beauty list is endless. You've got to think about tan, hair, nails, makeup, skincare, your dress, your fitness regimen and a million other things. Let's be honest, we all plan to look our very best version of ourselves on our wedding day. The thing is, you can get too caught up in the idea of looking 'perfect', when in fact, you could look perfect in an array of different dresses or hairstyles.

The trick to it is choosing one look and being happy in the knowledge that it is 'one of the best' as opposed to being 'the one'. However, there are a few bits of handy advice we can give you to make sure your best self shines through on the day.

dos and don'ts before I do

Wedding Skincare

For me, skincare is the most important part in the run-up to your wedding or any big occasion. You are only as good as your canvas. Makeup is a great enhancer but it can only cover so much so it's important you take care of your base. There are some problems like spots and blemishes or coldsores that can crop up on the day and there is nothing you can do about that. Your makeup artist should be well equipped to disguise them pretty well. The main this is a healthy, hydrated, exfoliated, well-looked-after skin to work on.



Introduce the following life-changing ingredients: Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Vitamins C and B into your skincare routine before you get married. Retinol is extremely anti-ageing. Glycolic Acid will exfoliate your skin and has brightening and anti-ageing benefits. Vitamin C gives you an even complexion and helps get rid of scarring, redness and pigmentation. Finally, Vitamin B prevents moisture loss so it keeps your skin looking plump, hydrated and young. They are a wonder combination in advance of a wedding.

Do make sure to use SPF all day every single day. Especially when using these sorts of active ingredients. Retinol and Glycolic Acid sensitise your skin to the sun. It's really important to protect it to prevent pigmentation marks from forming and for your overall skin health.


Don't introduce certain ingredients too close to the wedding. Your skincare regimen needs to start quite a few months in advance of the wedding. Your skin can get worse before it gets better when using active ingredients. Retinol in particular. So you need to introduce it early. You might get breakouts or dry, red patches while your skin gets used to the effects of the Vitamin A.

Don't use Glycolic Acid close to the wedding day if you haven't tried it before. Glycolic should start its transformation of your skin almost immediately. However, some skin types can react to it. So again, you should use it well in advance of the wedding to make sure your skin likes it.

Don't forget to put on SPF moisturiser on top of your serums each morning. It is the most anti-ageing thing to can do for your skin in the long run.


If you have weeks not months to go, you could go for a facial that is pretty much guaranteed not to cause a reaction a couple of weeks before the wedding. Go for something hydrating or brightening so close to the big day rather than anything too invasive.

Finally, don't freak out! No matter when you start prepparing your skin, you are going to look fabulous.

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