Eczema Emergency: Eyes, Emollients And Tears

This post is dedicated to Simon and Garfunkel.

Because I have Bright Eyes on loop in my head. Buuuurnin' like fye-aaaah.

I haven't had eczema since I was a tiny tot but it's back. And I think it wants to stay. It's like a tenant who is squatting on my eyelids and is refusing to leave. It's holding up placards, singing Kumbaya and resisting all attempts at removal.

I have kept the eyelids so clean that you could eat your dinner off them. I've only worn makeup when it's an ABSOLUTE necessity and have washed every makeup brush with a vigour Aggie and Kim would be proud of.


No steroidal creams can be used around the eye so I've been slathering on the Allergenics Intensive Care version. Gentle emollients, clean facecloths and profanities have become the new staples of my cleansing routine.


Every time I think I have the little scaly goblin beaten, it calms down for a bit and then springs back to life, screaming "SURPRISE!" and twerking it's dry backside right in front of my eyes. Literally.

Antihistamines haven't helped and I am running out of ideas to sooth these red, dry patches. I'm open to voodoo, snake oil and shamanic chanting at this stage.

I'm more Robinson Crusoe than Mrs Robinson at the moment. And that's making me, Paul and Art unhappy.

Does anyone have any tips to calm my little peepers? What do you use to clear up any dermatitis breakouts around the eye?

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