Electronic cigarettes really help to break habit: two weeks, no fags

Remember a few weeks ago when I vowed to quit smoking but asked for a bit of a Beaut.ie push? (Read SOS I'm quitting smoking and I need your help) Well, I think I did it! Lay the  highest of fives on me!

Earlier this month, I took myself out of my usual surroundings, a house full of smokers, and spent the weekend down the country. I thought the change of scene with a bully (joking, kinda) who was committed to helping me quit would be a recipe for effortless success.

WRONG. Day two saw me pleading for directions to a newsagents, biting my nails down to nubs and eating a trough-full of hummus.  "You don't need them" said himself. "WHY DO YOU HATE THE THINGS I LOVE?" said myself. Well, not really, but I felt like it.



After I composed myself and hid my sulk, we went into the city, where I stratigically marched behind anyone who was leaving a smoke trail. I spotted  a little hut of a shop with individually packaged electronic cigarettes in the window. After a minute of squealing, I paid a tenner for two disposable cartridges. Each contained a thousand puffs, music to my nicotine deprived ears.

How did I get on with 'em? Pretty damn well! I've only had one slip up in two weeks and I don't feel like swapping back to actual cigarettes any time soon. Honestly, it's going so much better than I expected. I bought mine in a newsagent and loads of chemists have them. I have noticed that prices vary a lot, so do shop around!

Have you quit with the help of  electronic ciggies? Or, is it something you're considering?


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