Review: Environ Facial Review at South William Clinic and Spa

We went to the South William Clinic and Spa for the Environ facial our oily, problematic skin was crying out for.

Have you ever wanted 77 hours of a facial in 90 minutes? You have come to the right place. Now, I love a good facial, like most of you, but what I often find is that after I tend to break out a bit because of my oily skin. In fact, the only facial I don't break out after is the Guinot one.

Up until now, I wasn't sure there was one out there that beat the Guinot one for my skin type. I stand corrected.

When I arrived at the South William Clinic and Spa and met my therapist, I was put at ease. She went through my consultation and understood exactly what my skin needs were. She decided that the Environ Facial was the one for me, but because of my tendency to break out, she suggested adding a blue and red LED light into my treatment to reduce bacteria on the skin and stimulate collagen. Because of the dehydration in my face, she chooses a Hyaluronic Acid as it holds 20 times itself in water.

What really stood out to me was that she was so knowledgeable. This industry can be a funny one, and as it is unregulated, it can be a challenge to find good and reputable places. A good therapist is like finding a gold mine. You only have one face, you need to look after it.




This is a 90 minute active facial full of vitamin A for anti-oxidants and vitamin C for Vitamin infusions. Basically, this supercharged facial is the equivalent of 77 hours of a hands-on facial.

The HydraFacial

This innovative treatment combines six steps to drain and deep cleanse, exfoliate, extract, infuse the skin vitamins and antioxidants. It finishes with LED phototherapy, the perfect all-around facial to suit every skin type. Specific boosters can be added such as Environ, SkinCeuticals and ZO Skin Health super serums to further treat specific skin concerns. This is the perfect facial to decongest the skin, removing blackheads and excess oil.

I can honestly say that my skin felt hydrated and amazing after this treatment and two weeks later its still break out free and radiant. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a cleaner, clearer more radiant skin or just for some well-deserved pampering.

A course of 3 + 1 FREE €300. For more information visit:


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