Expert tips on how to prepare your wedding hair

As wedding season fast approaches, Holly Anne and Grace Carr from Peter Mark's Grafton Street store reveal their most important advice for perfect wedding hair

Invaluable piece of advice number one: before your big day, book an appointment for a trial. Holly Anne strongly recommends this as it gives you a chance to communicate your likes and dislikes and gives you an opportunity to try out a few variations without any pressure. “I’d recommend scheduling your trial after you have chosen the dress, as the neckline, silhouette and feel will influence the overall look and may result in you rethinking your hair style.”

She adds it will be helpful on the day for your stylist to take some pictures of your hair after the trail, so you both have a visual guide.

peter mark wedding hair

Bringing photos of a few variations of different looks similar to the one you’re trying to achieve is Grace’s tip ahead of your trail.

She says, “It is important to be aware that just because a style works in a picture it may not be perfect for your face shape, neck length, hair texture or length.” Be a little flexible in your looks is a good starting point adds Grace, as you may want or need more height, less height, less structure or just a little looser and not as structured.

When searching for visual inspiration, Grace always tells her clients to visit the Peter Mark Pinterest page which has a special board designated to bridal hair.


You may find that some styles just don't suit the occasion. That beautiful California beach wedding with the perfectly pretty hair you found online may not be the most practical given the Irish weather. The same way the season you get married in can play a part in the style or fabric of the dress, it can also play a part in your hair style.

“Factors like the natural texture of your hair and your event’s location will play a role in the finished look,” says Holly Anne. If you’re having a spring/summer wedding, you can play a little looser and wear your hair down but if parts or all of your day is outdoors, you may require pinning some of it up. If you’re having an autumn/winter wedding, you may opt for something more structured and controlled to combat any wind or rain.

And finally, once you’ve booked the date... Grace says book the date.


“Remember it’s never too early to book your appointment especially if you’re getting married during the busy bridal season or on a Saturday.” Also, don’t forget to include your pre-wedding cut and colour appointment; that way, it’s once less thing to have to think about.

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