Eye on Style: Behold These Amazing Red Carpet Ensembles

Award season is a brilliant time to take note of the year ahead's trends. It comes at the perfect time, doesn't it?

Predicting trends that translate from fashion shows to real life is tricky but it's this time of year when it all comes together. Not all of us will get the chance to rock a frock this year but some of the red carpet looks can be used as inspiration for wedding guest or Big Birthday outfits.

The great thing about award season is that it's not all about the show-stopping ball gown. There are press calls, luncheons and cocktail parties to attend which must beĀ exhausting for the celebsĀ but it's brilliant for us because we can stalk looks for every occasion!

Here's our pick from the past few days (a lot of events have gone down.) Enjoy!


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