Fake that tan

loreal sublime bronzeI was toying with the fact that this might not be a suitable time of year to be posting about fake tan when I realised that that's sort of the point of fake tan. Time of year doesn't come into it. Doh.

Aphrodite has already mentioned we're off to Spain shortly. I'd sort of forgotten about it, and when I remembered, and checked the weather, and realised it was going to be in the high twenties, I thought I should probably break out the fake tan. I actually don't really like the sun all that much, I don't enjoy sitting in it and I'm a bit smug about that because it means I won't have a decolletage like leather when I'm 45. But as a consequence, I've the body skin tone of a particularly pale vampire right now. Not so attractive.

I got myself some L'Oreal (because of course, I am worth it) Sublime Bronze Tanning Gloves (4 gloves to a pack, each glove apparently gives enough colour for one week) for about €11.99. Not bad for a whole month of tan. I got the gloves because I am crap at putting on fake tan, basically, and I thought that would make it a bit easier.

Anyway, onto the results - yes, it works! It doesn't stink, in fact it smells fairly pleasant, and the morning after I applied it, I could see very visible non-orange results. And I could also see the sharp contrast between all the bits I forgot to apply the tanner to. I now resemble someone with vitiligo - but that's my own lazy fault, not L'Oreal's.


Note to self: exfoliate properly next time.

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