Family Fortunes Like You've Never Seen it! With the Cast of Avengers

Jimmy Kimmel hosted an all-Avengers all-the-time show last night, and in between figuring out who would lead the Avengers in real life (Evans apparently), discussing weird fan art and taking fan questions, Kimmel broke the superhero gang in two to play a game of Family Fortunes (or Family Feud as they call it stateside) with Robert Downey Kr., Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson facing off with Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner.

Turns out Chris Evans is terrible at it. Like, really terrible.


I love how many times Mark Ruffalo has to bend down to get his name tag. And how Scarlett commandeers both Chris' name tags. Also, any additional thoughts on Scarlett's hair? That must be a mare to style every morning. Or really easy. We're not sure. 

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