Happy Hair Overnight

We're well used to all manner of night creams and serums for our faces. But what about an overnight treatment for your gruaig?

The idea's been around for a while as a DIY jobbie [think olive oil + clingfilm] but Kiss And Makeup reckon that shop-bought versions are looking like The Next Big Thing in haircare. By applying skincare technology to hair, they promise to repair, restore, rejuvinate and generally refabulize your locks while you sleep - ah, my kind of multitasking.


If you've got £135 [yes, that's pounds] to spare and can get to a SpaceNK, you could go mad altogether and splash out on Frederic Fekkai's Overnight Hair Repair. Alternatively, you could try an overnight offering from the likes of GHD, John Frieda, Kerastase, KMS, Pantene or Umberto Giannini... without having to talk to your bank manager first.

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