Bronzer on the bus, lipstick on the Luas - right or wrong?

I usually don't have a bad word to say about the Metro. It's free, the girl handing them out at Heuston in the mornings is very nice [unlike the surly blokes who weirdly ration the Herald AM], and of course it's got Niamh O'Dea of a Thursday. What's not to like?

The people who write in to the Mail Metro page to whinge about girls applying their make-up on public transport, that's what. As the Mammy would say, haven't they little to be worrying about.

I don't find girls putting on their slap on the train or the bus offensive. Sure, I'd be annoyed if someone was using stinky nail varnish, hairspray, deodorant or perfume, or had their elbow in my face while doing their mascara. Yes, I'd be ticked off if the bronzer that the bird sitting beside me was using was drifting onto my clothes, or if she was brushing her hair and sending bits of scalp a-flying.


But if the routine isn't physically affecting other commuters, what's the big deal?

Let's put it in perspective. People with colds who decide to forgo blowing their noses in favour of snorting their own phlegm: now that's going to ruin your journey. Girl with an eyeliner pencil: not so much!

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