Friday Feelings: To Shave or Wax or Thread - That is the Question

It's that time of year again when defuzzing simply has to be done. That is, unless you've joined the proud hairy Mary brigade who have decided that the hairless life is not for them. Miley Cyrus is in on that action and so are a few people I know and I applaud them and agree with them. There is no real reason for women to remove their body hair but it can't be denied that hairlessness has become the norm for women around these parts and most people I know would much prefer a bare armpit.

It's not just because they don't want close minded people to snigger at them on the beach and it's not just for the sake of attracting a man. Come on, this is the 21st century! For the most part it's about feeling comfortable. I will admit, I shirk on shaving during the colder months but I would never bare my carpeted legs (which, after years of different forms of hair removal, would look more like a dog's favourite blanket) to the general public, especially when they are still deepest winter white.

But that's my preference. My mane is out of control, my face just won't do what the lotions and potions tell it too so it's the one thing I can do to look more groomed.


Hair removal is big business, no wonder because those blasted hairs do grow back. As well as having friends who let nature take its course and shun the shaver, I know plenty of people who have opted for lazer therapy to permanently remove hair and they say it's the best thing they've ever done, mostly because the hassle of defuzzing disappears.


That's obviously the worst part of the whole thing. The hassle. Those who let their hair grow don't have that hassle and those who lazer it all off don't have that hassle; the rest of us have to keep restocking on razors and Veet and booking expensive and painful waxing or *shudder* threading appointments.


So what's your opinion on the matter? Do you like to rock what nature bestowed upon you or do you prefer the hairless thang? I'm too cheap to have a pro take care of my hair so I generally just take a sharp blade to my self, how do you eliminate hair? Have you had any hair removal / unwanted hair disasters that you would like to share with the group?

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