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Listen, it's mid January and we have another two weekends to go until payday… so we've decided to give up showering, to spend money on falsies and to look forward to the next bank holiday - which is in MARCH - yaaaaa!

There are also some budget treats that some of you may be able to stretch to and we've some prizes up for grabs. See, January's not all bad... there's always Award's Season to ogle.

1. It's all about the Golden Globes red carpet:
To be fair, you could omit the word 'Golden'. Just ask Jeremy Renner...

2. People's Choice Awards red carpet
They happened last week, in case you missed them.

3.10 Fashion Crimes From the ’90s That You Definitely Committed
Assuming you were old enough, that is *pulls on collar*

4. Are You Showering More Often than You Need?
Of course you are - here, have a lie in instead!


5. Curl Power! Review of Benefit's NEW Roller Lash Mascara

See, you don't need to be fiddling with the falsies all the time...

6. Beaut.ienomics: Budget Treats to Get Us Through January
Yeah, we're all skint, but you can still treat yourself.

7. Fifteen Things You’re Guaranteed to Hear In Work This January
"When’s the next bank holiday? Will someone look it up there?”

8. WIN!
We’ve Uber Blender, The NutriBullet, up for grabs!

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