What the 1990s has taught us about glitter

Glitter can be a wonderful thing or an awful thing. We're all for glitter now but we need to learn from the mistakes we all made in the 90's.

There are some trends that just keep coming back. The eras repeat themselves over and over. I find the only difference is that each time a trend is revived it's a little bit more polished. '90s makeup is to blame for hideous debs pictures that will haunt us forever. For my debs I had spend about 2 hours doing my makeup but I look like I'm not wearing any and all you can see is the white shine of my brow bone highlight. That was just one of the faux pas of the 90's - that white brow bone was everywhere.

Glitter was another trend we did in the '90s - badly. Glitter now has had a revamp and we have all the tools to apply it with a little finesse.


Do you remember buying glitter gels back in the day? You could basically put them anywhere, which we did. Between your self-made corn rows held in place with butterfly clips, on your cheeks, on your body basically everywhere. Back then 'placement' wan't even a word that was used. This time around placement is everything.

Thankfully, we have learned from the '90s glitter mistakes that less is more and placement is key to making glitter work for you.


Glitter is technically a type of highlight so it should be used much in the same way as a highlighter would be used. The rule with highlighter is that it goes on the higher plains of our faces and bodies.

Highlighter is going to accentuate the area where you place it. So, if you want to use glitter on your face it's going on your cheekbones or on your eyelids, possibly even over your brows. You don't just put it everywhere or you will look way more 90's than is acceptable in this polished age.

You can use it to highlight and contour your body too. A little glitter placed softly down a shin or a forearm or even better - just along the collar bones works really well. No more blobs of glitter gel sporadically smeared all over random body parts.


My point here is that if you want to try this trend it's important to get it right. It can be an attribute to a chic makeup look or it can make you look more like a Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.

We've heard it a lot over the last year - glitter is back and it's grown up. But are you convinced?

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