H20+ Sea Results Thermal-Active Skin Polisher

h20plus thermal skin polisherThere used to be a H20+ shop on Grafton St which I always looked into and idly thought, 'hhmm, must go in there some day'. Evidently lots of other people felt the same way because it's a mobile phone shop now, but that doesn't mean the brand went away. Nope, they're still here, albeit only online for Ireland now, and still developing new ranges and products.

I tried out a couple of their offerings recently, more about which in due course, but the one I was most immediately impressed with was their Sea Results Thermal-Active Skin Polisher.

It's an exfoliator, yep - but with a difference. When you massage it into damp skin it heats up, which not only feels lovely but also has the handy benefit of causing pores to expand and expel all their gunk. After one go of it you will notice a difference, especially on the nose area (if you happen to suffer from a blackheady nose. I do, bah). Repeated use of it once a week or so has left my skin lovely and smooth, with nice refined pores. Yay!


You can buy online from h20plus.ie for $38 (about €29).

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