Hector Anseo! Advice on Keeping Red Hair Vibrant

HectorDia is Muire duit, a daoine! Ta Hector isteach sa teach!

Now, while I do be gadding about the world like a regular jack the lad, I noticed that my Navan-bred gentle ginger curls suffer if they don't get regular TLC. And I wasn't letting that other Navan fecker Remington have all the limelight, so here we go with Hector's Hints, uimhir a haon.

Is maith liom Sunsilk Passionately Red - I like to 'sparkle with vibrant tones', ladies and gents. It doesn't add or strip away my unique colour - Jaysis I couldn't have the lads slaggin' me, wha? If I can't get my mits on the bauld Sunsilk I nick the wife's Pantene - lads I'm telling you, 'reds really burn' wth Pantene Pro-V Colour Expressions shampoo. I do be on fire with the hotness! Ta me go hailin! Mwah!


That's all from me for the time being, I'm off to the races. Giddy up! I'll be back soon with skincare advice in the next installment of Hector's Hints. Slan!

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