How to get hair like: Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty, the Body of Bollywood, the damn classy lady who stood up to the oiks in the Big Brother house and emerged with her dignity intact and her fame sealed.

Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she also has the most fantastic hair. Granted in this picture she does obviously have the benefit of a wind machine, something we can't emulate on a day to day basis. But we can use a couple of good tips from Natasha to copy Shipa's hair style.

So what you're going for here is full and glossy. You want to blow dry your hair straight by giving it lift at the roots to achieve plenty of volume.Shilpa has long, layered hair and Natasha says she knows just by looking at it that it's quite thick and full of volume anyway.


But if yours isn't, use a shampoo and conditioner to add volume - most ranges have them and good ones to try are Redken and Sunsilk.

  • Towel dry your hair and add a good volumising product (if you need it).
  • Now, this bit is crucial, so pay attention! Pin the top layers of your hair up on top of your head to get them out of the way.
  • Then section by section blow dry the underneath of your hair.
  • Using a round brush pull your hair upwards - what you're going for here is lift at the roots - and dry each section completely before moving on to the next.
  • Unpin the top layers section by section and repeat the process
  • Finish off with serum to achieve maximum shine and prevent the dreaded frizzies from setting in!

The floor is open to you - ask Natasha any questions you might have about this style. She won't be able to answer straight away but I'll give you a heads up on the Blather when she's had time to respond!

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