How To Look Good Naked tests firming face masks

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Last night HTLGN tested firming face masks.*

The dermatologist interviewed was of the opinion that any effect said masks would have was purely temporary and would have no effect in the long term. She attributed all lifting and firming to increased hydration. Now she didn't actually say this - but it was implied - ah sure it's all in your head. You feel you're doing something positive for your skin, so you feel the mask has worked its magic.

So what did the testers think? Not much of the two cheaper masks which came last. The Spa Sciences Collagen mask and the Oil of Olay Total Effects mask left the testers unimpressed.

In second place was Boots No7 Uplifting Firming Mask which got some decent feedback.


Givenchy won the day with its No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt Lifting Mask Facial Drainer. Testers were shocked when the price was revealed, but most agreed that this was a fantastic mask, making a visible difference to their skin and one they'd like to use again.

*Thank God the annoying Dawn Porter is no longer in evidence

Givenchy No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt Lifting Mask Facial Drainer

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